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NC National Team Members Dominate the State

By Admin, 02/13/18, 4:00PM EST


Summer Wrestling Makes WINTER CHAMPIONS!

Thirty seven members of the TEAM NC National Teams from 2017 have qualified for the NCHSAA State Championships in Greensboro this weekend. This represents EIGHTY-FOUR PERCENT of the wrestlers who participated this Summer!

In addition to local and regional qualifying events through the spring, TEAM NC members also participated in special training clinics and camps through the spring and summer, as well as representing North Carolina in the USA Scoolboy, Cadet, and Junior Duals, as well as the USMC Freestyle & Greco-Roman National Championships in Fargo.

Here is the list of qualifiers and the teams the participated with this summer.


Christian Decatur Cadet Duals, Fargo1AE 106

Timothy Decatur Junior Duals, Fargo1AE 120

River Griffith Cadet Duals1AW 126

Colton Marlowe Junior Duals1AW 126

Ryan Richardson Junior Duals1AW 160

Cory Farmer Junior Duals1AW 195

Tyler Proffitt Cadet Duals2AE 152

Khalic Everett Junior Duals2AE 285

Harry Locklear Cadet Duals, Fargo2AME 285

Logan Lambert Cadet Duals, Fargo2AMW 132

Loki Ryan Cadet Duals2AW 113

Liam Harris Cadet Duals2AW 160

Andrew Jacob Cadet Duals, Fargo3AE 106

Drew Sisk Cadet Duals, Fargo3AE 126

Bryan Aragao Cadet Duals3AE 182

Tristan Chapman Cadet Duals, Fargo3AME 126

Alex Faison Fargo3AME 160

Ferris Allen Junior Duals3AME 170

Finley Allen Junior Duals3AME 182

Josiah Ramirez Junior Duals3AME 182

Mason Ingram Cadet Duals, Fargo3AMW 182

Stephen Baynard Cadet Duals3AW 138

Elijah Ballew Cadet Duals, Fargo3AW 182

William Saby Cadet Duals4AE 106

Michael Pappaconstantinou Cadet Duals4AE 120

Marcus Mondragon Cadet Duals4AE 138

Jack Malone Fargo4AE 195

Noah Taylor Junior Duals4AME 113

Kaleb Williams Cadet Duals, Fargo4AME 120

Logan Maher Junior Duals, Fargo4AME 126

Yakemiean Johnson Junior Duals4AME 132

William Deese Junior Duals4AME 132

Daniel Peede Junior Duals, Fargo4AME 152

James Joplin Cadet Duals4AMW 113

Richard Treanor Cadet Duals, Fargo4AW 106

Kaleb Queen Junior Duals4AW 113

Nathan Dugan Fargo4AW 182