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Freestyle Camp at UNC This Weekend

By NCUSA Events, 03/31/14, 10:15AM EDT


Kolat Freestyle Training Camp April 4-6th, 2014

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Camp Description

Training camp is geared for the international styles of wrestling to help athletes prepare for the coming summer freestyle events.  Camp is not recommended for novice freestyle wrestlers but those who have experience in Freestyle wrestling.  This is a training camp with two sessions per day with the first session covering technique and the second session combative drilling/live wrestling.

This camp is for mature athletes serious about improving themselves.  Between sessions wrestlers are free to walk around campus, go up town for lunch, or stay in the wrestling room.  We do not supervise them outside of the wrestling room any parent sending an athlete should consider if that athlete is mature enough to handle himself in this environment.  Any athlete below 8th grade should contact the office before registering 919-962-5212 or email