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About NC USA Wrestling

ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION… North Carolina Amateur Wrestling Association is the state affiliate of the national governing body for the sport of wrestling in the United States of America, USA Wresting, or USAW. The purpose of NCUSA is to promote, develop and foster wrestling in the state of North Carolina. NCUSA focuses on state development by encouraging local organizations to become strong, viable organizations. We recognize that each community is different and we work to provide suitable options that fit each situation.
At the state level, we operate in a manner that retains the most resources possible within our state so that as a state we can continue to grow and develop.
We accomplish this by:
1) Providing economical membership rates and a variety of membership options.
2) Providing a system that promotes hosting local events to draw people into the sport
Participating in a national event that gives back to our state.
3) Providing National Team Opportunities and access to Regional and National events.
4) Providing training opportunities through local clubs, Regional Training Centers, and special camps and clinics throughout the year.
5) Offering top quality Coaches Education and training.
6) Partnering with other wrestling groups and organizations to spread and develop our sport at all levels.