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NCUSA Annual Meeting Set for Saturday, September 6th

By Admin, 08/19/14, 11:30PM EDT


Davidson College will host this year's annual meeting!

NCUSA will hold its annual meeting Saturday, September 6th on the campus of Davidson College. We invite ALL leaders in our sport to join us for this important day of recognition, planning, and elections. Approximately 1/2 of the board seats are up for election this year.

2014 NCUSA Annual Meeting
Schedule of Activities
Saturday, September 6th 2014

The Annual Meeting for the NCUSA is set for Saturday, September 6th on the campus of Davidson College,
located in the Alvarez College Union on Faculty Drive in Davidson, NC . Registration and meetings will be held in
the Sprinkle Room. This meeting is FREE and Open to the Public.

8:00am- Welcome and arrival. Coffee and Doughnuts provided.
8:45-9:00am- Council Meeting Arrivals
9:00am-9:35 Officials Council (All registered USWOA mat and pairings officials are invited to attend this meeting)
Dave Pelsang, Sr. -Chair
9:40-10:15am- Clubs Council (Representatives of any and all registered USA Clubs in North Carolina are invited to attend this meeting)
Greg Sisk, Chairman
10:20-11:00 - Coaches Council (All registered USA Coaches are invited to attend this meeting)
Jared Campbell- Chairman
11:00am-12:00noon Lunch Break/ Arrivals for Annual Meeting
Set up for speakers.

12:00noon-12:10pm Registration and Check-in for Annual Meeting
12:10pm- 2:00pm NCAWA/NCUSA Annual Meeting

-Top 50 Challenge Award Winners (Certificates/Shirts)
-Triple Crown Award Winners (Certificates)
-USA All Americans
-Cadet/Junior Wrestlers of the Year

-Officials of the Year

-Coach of the Year

-Frank Rader Person of the Year
-National/Regional Awards Recognition-


-Coaches Council Report
-Clubs Council Report
-Officials Council Report
-Treasurer’s Report
-Chairman’s Report

2:00-2:30pm Break
2:30-4:30pm NCUSA Board Meeting