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By Admin, 03/21/20, 12:15PM EDT


ADD a Certification for FREE TODAY #CVCHALLENGE2020

With competition suspended for now, there are POSITIVE things that can be done to improve wrestling across North Carolina, and most importantly, YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY!

We are issuing the challenge for North Carolina Coaches to set an example for their athletes AND other coaches around the country by using this extended "off the mat" time to ADD A COACHING CERTIFICATION to your Credentials.

Best of all, adding this will be FREE over the next few weeks thanks to USA WRESTLING!

For those who already have their 2020 Wrestling Leader Membership its a simple as adding the course you choose to your cart and getting started!

For those who aren't 2020 Wrestling Leaders yet, you can still take advantage of this great opportunity for FREE COACHES EDUCATION COURSES by simply completing your membership, and then adding the course you wish to complete.

We want our athletes to improve during this break. WHAT ABOUT US COACHES? What are WE DOING to MODEL staying active and working to improve ourselves during this challenging time.

CLICK HERE to read more from USA Wrestling about this fantastic opportunity. Or CLICK HERE to go straight to the membership site and get started TODAY!




Certified Coaches In North Carolina