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Happy #WrestlingWeek

By Admin, 03/18/19, 9:00AM EDT


#WrestlingWeek Across America Celebrates as NCAAs Take Center Stage

USA Wrestling's Annual Wrestling Week Across America kicks off today, and NCUSA invites you and your friends to join in the weeklong celebration!

Monday, March 18th – Wrestling Highlight Day – Post your favorite wrestling highlight video or clip.  It can be your highlight, a favorite clip, or an all-time favorite highlight video – just be sure to post a wrestling highlight on the kickoff day of the week.

Tuesday, March 19th – Wrestle Like a Girl Day – As a way to raise awareness of the Wrestle Like a Girl Campaign, post your favorite female wrestling moment and be sure to tag your female wrestling friends.

Wednesday, March 20th – Wrestling Hero Day – Share a shout out, vignette, or short story about your wrestling hero.  Your hero is your hero, so tell the world why your hero is just that.

Thursday, March 21st – No Missed Meals Day – Take the pledge with Chobani and promote healthy eating habits in the sport of wrestling to ensure that no wrestlers miss another meal.

Friday, March 22nd – Wrestling Shirt Day – Wear your favorite wrestling shirt to school, to work, or at the NCAA Championships in St. Louis.  Encourage all of your teammates or former teammates to take part alongside you!

Saturday, March 23rd – NCAA Championships Viewing Day – Make plans to watch the finals of the NCAA Championships on ESPN.  Better yet, plan it with your team, your friends, and your community with a viewing party!

Sunday, March 24th – Community Outreach Day – Show the world the positive values created through the sport and get involved with a service project in the community.  Clean up trash, shovel a neighbor’s driveway, help at church…you pick.

As a reminder, be sure to use #WrestlingWeek in all social media posts related to Wrestling Week Across America.