Competitor Information

Entry Fee is $30. You must have a valid USA Membership and present this membership at Registration/Weigh-Ins on Friday.

TEAM Discounts available for teams with 10 or more wrestlers ($25 per wrestler)

Payment must be made online at the time of registrtion.

If paying by check (teams only), please contact pairing coordinator Kelli Shuffler PRIOR TO THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE.

ALL current USA memberships, INCLUDING Limited Folkstyle memberships ($15) are valid for this event. Memberships will be valid through August 31, 2018. Memberships may be purchased at

You must wrestle your grade and may not “wrestle up” in either weight OR age nor wrestle in two grades/weight classes.

No wrestler may wrestle in any Jr. High Division more than once, and no wrestler may compete in the Jr. High State Championships more than 3 times in his entire career.  If you are caught wrestling outside your current division you will not be allowed to wrestle the following year in any division.