Two Coaches Per Corner. Coaches must hold 2018 Coaches Card to coach at this event.

Bronze Certified Coaches are entitled to FREE Admission and a FREE Floor Pass for this event.

All other Current USA Coaches must have a floor pass to coach at this event. COACHES FLOOR PASS: $5 FLOOR PASSES ARE NOT AVAILABLE UNLESS YOU HAVE A CURRENT COACHES MEMBERSHIP!

Bronze Clinic: $80. Please RSVP to ad@ncwrestling by Thursday at 11pm for the Bronze Clinic. The clinic will be conducted Saturday beginning at 10am. Bronze certification is REQUIRED for coaching at all USA Regional and National Events. You may also complete the NCEP Bronze Course Online prior to attending the event.

Pairings Clinic: FREE. Clinic Friday evening for anyone interested in learning the process of pairing events. RSVP requested.