1. Will you be dropping tenths at weigh-ins?

A. No. Wrestlers must make the weight they are registered for. Wrestlers may attempt to weigh-in on all scales available, AND wrestlers may make multiple attempts to make weight as long as weigh-ins remain open.

Should a wrestler fail to make the weight the are registered for and wish to be moved into a different weight class, a $10 rebracketing fee will be assessed.

Wrestlers who do not show up for weigh-ins  will be scratched from the tournament.

2. What if we get held up in traffic and are running late?

We encourage wrestlers to allow ample time to arrive in time for weigh-ins. Traffic in and around the Chapel Hill area can cause delays. Should you find yourself in such a situation, please call 828-559-9351. If you contact us we can leave your wrestler in the bracket they are assigned to and go ahead and finish pre-tournament operations. However, when you arrive your wrestler will do a "matside" weigh-in. IF they fail to make the weight they are registered for they will be scratched from the Tournament without the option of re-bracketing. Additionally they will have to weigh-in again on Sunday for the Greco-Roman portion of the tournament. Wrestlers who are running late but do NOT notify the tournament operators will be scratched automatically.

3. What do I need to coach?

A. Anyone wishing to coach or be on the arena floor  will need a VALID 2018 USA Coaches Membership. Each Coach will be issued a wristband upon check-in. Please do not expect to coach if you are not a currently registered coach!

4. Is outside food allowed?

A. Team Food must be kept in the designated area.

5. I understand the Tar Heel is a "State Event". What does that mean?

A. The Tar Heel State Classic is one of the FOUR State Events hosted by NCUSA each year (the others are Jr. High/Elem. State Championships, FS/GR State Championships, and Beach Wrestling State Championships). Proceeds from these events benefit the host club AND North Carolina USA Wrestling. It is your continued support of our STATE EVENTS that help make other activities of our association possible! We hope you will choose to make these events a PRIORITY for your club's participation!

NCUSA is YOUR ASSOCIATION, and your PARTNER in achieving whatever wrestling DREAMS you choose to pursue! Thank you for your support of NCUSA Wrestling through your participation in these State Level Events! Together, WE ARE TEAM NC!!!