1. Will you be dropping tenths at weigh-ins?

A. No. Wrestlers must make the weight they are registered for. Wrestlers may attempt to weigh-in on all scales availible, AND wrestlers may make multiple attempts to make weight as long as weigh-ins remain open.

Should a wrestler fail to make the weight the are registered for and wish to be moved into a different weight class, a $20 rebracketing fee will be assessed.

Wrestlers who do not show up for weigh-ins or who fail to make weight will be scratched from the tournament.

2. What do I need to coach on Saturday?

A. Anyone wishing to coach or be on the arena floor Saturday will need an event floor pass. Passes are FREE for registered USA Coaches who can show proof of membership at the time of check-in. Passes are $20 to any other coaches, parents, or team personel. We prefer that teams and wrestlers LIMIT floor access as much as possible. We want to keep the warm-up areas behind each mat as clear as possible so that spectators can see the wrestling going on.

3. What is there is bad weather on Friday or Saturday? Will the tournament be delayed or cancelled?

A. Should bad weather threaten to affect the Winston-Salem area on Friday and/or Saturday, we may extend weigh-ins or delay the start of wrestling on Saturday. Please check website homepage for any announcement.

THE TOURNAMENT WILL HAPPEN ON SATURDAY! There is no arrangement to cancel or reschedule this event. Please drive safely when coming to the event and use good judgement about weather conditions in your area.

4. Is outside food allowed?

A. No. The arena expressly requires that food not be brought into the arena on Saturday. If your team has "team food", you should make arrangements to keep it on an activity bus or in a team member's vehicle outside the arena.

5. What about Parking and Arrival Saturday morning?

Team busses should plan to park in the Gate 4 Lot behind the Annex Building. Spectators and cars will need to park in Gate 5 Lot. There are two lanes of traffic coming into these lots. Please use the right lane for Gate 4 arrivals and the left lane (until you go past gate 4) for gate 5 arrivals.

Traffic on Deacon Blvd. and University Parkway will be heavy on Saturday morning, so please plan to arrive in plenty of time to allow for waiting to get into the parking area and walk into the arena.

6. What time will the event be over?

While we cannot predict with certainty how long the event will take, we can estimate based on past events that the elementary division will conclude mid to late afternoon on Saturday, while the Jr. High divisions (grades 7-8-9) will conclude Saturday evening. Larger weight classes may conclude later than smaller ones. Final matches have been wrestled between 8-10pm in the past few years.