2015 State Freestyle & Greco Championships

  • Warm Ups!

    Greenville Wrestling Club prepares for action!
  • Greco Time

  • State Champs Battle

    1A State Champ Dalton Beaver goes head to head with 2A State Champ Angel Najar in one of their two showdowns this weekend.
  • Learning Time

    Pairings Clinic attendees learn how to put together and run wrestling events.
  • PIN!

  • Freestylin!

  • Leg Up!

  • Down Easy

  • Champs!

  • Hung Up

    National Runner-Up Wilson Smith counters his opponent's shot to earn the pin!
  • Next Gen

    State Champ Angel Najar officiates as two young cadets prepare to face off in freestyle.
  • Feeling Out the Competition

  • Tournament Casualty

    Who says pairings isn't hard work! These girls did KILLER work!


2015 State Freestyle & Greco Championships